The Care & Maintenance Series #1: Suit Durability

We often get the question: how long will this suit last? The answer is, as always, not very straightforward. We never give a date, or even an indication, because how long a suit lasts depends on so many different factors. But fear not, to help you make them last longer, we’ll be giving some tips in this series of articles on care and maintenance. 

On the topic of durability, one mistake that people often make is overestimating how often you can wear a suit. A woollen suit should ideally be worn once a week, but if your wardrobe doesn’t allow for that, try and let it rest for two days before wearing it again. This is mainly because natural fabrics (like wool, cotton or linen) absorb moisture. You need to give your suit time to dry and air out. 

Choosing the right fabric can make a big difference. We always discourage cycling in suits, but we know it’s often necessary. Try ordering a sturdy traveller wool, like the one our ROKIN is made of. With wool, another good indicator of durability is weight; try going for at least 300gr. if you need something a little more hard-wearing. Linens and cottons are also a good choice, as these fabrics are meant to look rumpled, so they tend to look nicer when they’re a bit worn, but that also comes down to taste. 

Lastly, ordering an extra pair of trousers can more than double your suit’s lifespan. We always recommend to alternate between the two pairs, rather than wearing one out and then grabbing the other. This prevents colour differences between the jacket and the second pair of trousers. When dry cleaning, bring both trousers!

Maarten Gooskens
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