Wedding Trends '22 /'23

Whilst selling heavy knits, warm quilted parka coats and gloves, we are happy to give you a heads up on the upcoming spring/summer wedding season trends. Fortunately, we’ve already spotted the trends, delved into the fabrics which are in style and know what the trending colors will be.

Before elaborating on what a stunning wedding suit could look like this spring summer, we are first going to share some tips on how to create a stylish winter wedding outfit.

We were able to help many gentlemen before you create stunning fall /winter outfits for upcoming special occasions. Our style advisers are happy to see future grooms come prepared. Skip that Netflix night and take a deep dive into Instagram and Pinterest for your wedding look inspiration. As you are searching the web, make screenshots and always keep the following questions in the back of your mind. In which colors do I feel comfortable? What kind of look compliments my bride? And how can my outfit compliment the setting and atmosphere of our wedding day?


This season we see a lot of deeper shades of green, warm earth tones (from cappuccino to dark chocolate), burgundy and classic midnight blue.


Soft flannels, fine corduroy and blends of wool with cashmere (or silk if you aim for a subtle shine).


The three piece suit is an absolute favorite, with contrasting waistcoats becoming ever more popular. 

Tip: Get that inspirational flow started on time. Allow yourself at least 8 weeks to have your suit made and still have time to think about your shirt, accessories and shoes. Typical delivery time is no more than 5 weeks, but it is advisable to make the process as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.


Getting married in the spring? Blended fabrics are the way to go. Wool meets linen, cotton and/or silk. The result? A suit with a summer feel. Not too classic, not too casual. Combine more linen or cotton if you are going for that beach look. Replace with a high twist wool, a cool wool blend or a touch of mohair to avoid too many wrinkles in your creation.


Your wedding day is the optimal moment to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t get us wrong, blue is always a solid choice, but what about the new kids on the block? We love earth tones for summer. Muted browns, ivory and beige. Or why not go for a sparkling shade of green? All of these natural colors work well together and provide the perfect fit for any style of wedding.


Every outfit needs those finishing touches to really make it pop. The right pair of shoes provide a perfect foundation. For a summer wedding, we love a pair of loafers or slip-ons. Looking for something a little less stiff? Then, sneakers work wonders with the aforementioned trends. 

Cotton or linen are tie favorites for spring and summer. You can browse part of our collection here, but let our personal tailors advise you on the perfect tie at your final fitting. Or, skip the tie altogether when your wedding has a super casual vibe. Go for a pocket square in a vibrant color with a funky pattern to complete the look. Prepare yourself for the compliments.


A perfect fabric deserves the perfect fit. We are all built differently and the optimum silhouette will differ from person to person. However, we definitely see a move toward a more relaxed cut. Gone are the days of skin tight trousers and cropped jackets. The relaxed cut comes with a more casual style - softer shoulders, unconstructed jackets trousers are cut a little roomier. Jackets in this cut benefit from wider lapels and patched pockets. The best part: a relaxed cut looks very elegant, especially with bohemian weddings.

Chris van Luxemburg
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