The Care & Maintenance Series #3: Suit Storage

You’ve done all you can when ordering or buying your suit, and you take good care of them when you wear them, but how do you deal with storing them? In this third article in our care and maintenance series, and the last about suits, we look at short- and long-term storage. Here’s a few tips to keep your tailored wardrobe neat and tidy.

It all starts with hanging your suits. How you hang them and what you hang them on can make all the difference. We prefer thick hangers to preserve the shoulder shape. If you only have thin ones, try doubling up (trousers on one, jacket on two). And always make sure you hang your trousers on the original crease. Keeping a nice sharp crease just looks a lot fresher. While wool is pretty wrinkle-resistant, hanging them slightly off-crease for a few days will lead to other, unwanted creases.

When you’re starting out with your tailored wardrobe and want everything to last, consider going for seasonal items. Seasonal fabrics tend be a lot more forgiving when it comes to wear and tear. They’re also in storage for a number of months, which means you generally get to enjoy them for more seasons to come. Make sure that when storing your off-season items, you hang them properly (maybe take them out for their once-a-year cleaning) and ensure they’re moth-free.

You’ve properly stowed everything, but when you take your items out of hibernation, they look like swiss cheese. Moths got to them. It’s a real shame and a big waste, because beautiful garments can get irreparably damage by the little critters. A natural approach to keeping them at bay would be cedar hangers or cedar balls. Alternatively, you can also try lavender. If all else fails, there are chemical solutions, but they’re a bit harsh on the clothes, too.

Maarten Gooskens
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