Made-to-Measure Shirt

From crisp white to casual denim, PAKKEND made-to-measure shirts cover all bases. Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: The Appointment

Having an appointment ensures we can take all the time we need, because having a suit made shouldn’t be stressful. 

You can book an appointment at our shop in Amsterdam at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: The Fabric

Sometimes, you just want a good white shirt. But even white comes in a variety of weights and weaves: poplin and twill being the most common, but you could also try panama or oxford.

In addition to various whites, blues and many other shades, we also offer a wide range of casual fabrics such as linen, flannel, or denim.

Step 3: The Style

Whether it’s formal or casual, a PAKKEND made-to-measure shirt offers enough options for you to reflect your style. The collar and cuffs are the most prominent ones, but there’s more to a custom shirt than meets the eye: buttons, pockets, plackets, and shoulders, just a selection of the many options you get to decide on.

Thinking of going a bit more casual? Try a softer construction on your collar and cuffs. Ask our personal tailors what’s right for you.

Step 4: The Measurements

A shirt sits close to your body. But whether you like it cut to the bone or a bit roomier, our person tailors will ensure that the fit is right for you.
Your measurements will be saved, making future orders that much easier.

Step 5: The Final Adjustments

You’ve patiently waited five weeks and you just heard from us that your shirt is in. Make an appointment for a second fitting. Perfection takes time, and sometimes your shirt will need some minor refinements—these will be added to your personal measurements. Your shirt will be ready for pick-up in a few days.


At PAKKEND, we like to make made-to-measure as accessible as possible. A PAKKEND made-to-measure shirt in 2-ply cotton starts at €119. Albini fabrics start at €169.

Ready to get started?